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Hammer Strength, in partnership with the CSCCa, recently created the Hammer Strength All American Athlete Award to recognize the most outstanding college athletes who exemplify the best of what it takes, on and off the field, to become an elite athlete. The strength and conditioning coaching staff at each member institution was encouraged to collaborate in selecting one male and one female athlete to receive this award and to be considered for the inaugural 2013 Hammer Strength All American Athlete of the Year Award and submitting a nomination form and 500-word description of the student athlete's qualities and achievements, including why this athlete stands out from the crowd in terms of work ethic, leadership, consistency, and academic experience.

Athletes considered for this award are characterized by intensity, consistency of purpose, achievement, and teamwork. They are superior performers on the field/court who exemplify the best of what it takes to become fierce competitors. They exhibit tremendous work ethic and leadership skills. They motivate their teammates to excel and perform at their best. Leaders by example, these student athletes have strong academic standing and exhibit good sportsmanship. They are dedicated to their sport-tireless workers in pursuit of excellence-translating everything they accomplish, be it in the strength and conditioning arena or the classroom, to performance on the field/court.

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