MSCC Class of 2010

Tim Wakeham

Director of S&C over Olympic Sports

Tim Wakeham is finishing his 22nd year as a strength and conditioning coach and his 14th as the Director of Strength and Conditioning for 15 Olympic sports at Michigan State University.

Tim came to Michigan State as their first full-time strength and conditioning coach for 17 Olympic sport teams. Since arriving, he has created a culture where people are inspired, pushed, and led until they are entrenched in the highest standards of confidence and toughness. His trainees are engaged because they like the high achieving, high believing atmosphere and, of course, the results.

Specific achievements over the last 14 years include: creating a state of the art training facility; developing a 'Spartan Strength' website; constructing nutrition education and ACL prevention programs; speaking at national conferences; and publishing three book chapters and 50 articles including two cover articles; along with eight sport-specific training videos. Wakeham has been committed to continually answering the questions: what's new, what's next, and how can his athletes get there first?

Specific highlights over the last 22 years include the earning of eight Championship rings; continued communication with hundreds of former athletes; great coaching experiences in the NFL and NHL; a light heavy weight knock out of UFC legend Chuck Liddell by one his wrestlers; and a one year stint at the U.S. Olympic Education Center working with the resident boxers.

Coach Wakeham has been part of championship seasons, memorable moments, meaningful relationships, and the growth of many. He thanks the hundreds of brilliant coaches, administrators, and hard working assistants that he has worked with for their unyielding support.

He is also forever in debt to the 1000's of athletes he has coached and trained. They have listened, learned, and grown, and thanks to them -- so has he.

Tim received his Master's of Science in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of North Dakota in 1994. He obtained his Bachelor's of Science in Physical Education from Northern Michigan University in 1989.

Lastly, Coach Wakeham sends special thanks to Molli Munz, Ken Mannie, Greg Ianni, Mike Miller, Cynthia Hockett, Brian Wilt, and Mark Nemish for their steadfast leadership, guidance, and support.