The CSCCa provides a listing of full-time and internship job opportunities for members within the association. Browse the full-time and internship positions listed below. If you are a CSCCa member, feel free to submit an opening for your institution. If you are not a member of the CSCCa and would like to submit a position to this list, please email with the listing and it will be reviewed. Please be aware that the organization's certification, SCCC (Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified), must be listed as an acceptable certification requirement in order to be posted on the CSCCa website.

Full-time positions

title employer deadline
Part-Time Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Brown University 2014/12/01
Assistant Professor Strength & Conditioning Ithaca College 2014/12/01
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Sports Reality Performance 2015/01/05
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Northwestern Ohio 2014/12/15


title employer deadline
Spring/Summer Internship Brown University 2015/02/26
Spring Strength & Conditioning Volunteer Intern Coastal Carolina University 2014/12/16
Spring 2015 Strength & Conditioning Internship Indiana State University 2014/12/15
Strength & Conditioning Volunteer Interns Jacksonville University 2014/12/15
Volunteer Interns Liberty University 2014/12/15
Olympic Sports Volunteer Coach Marshall University 2014/12/15
Mississippi State Football S&C Internship Mississippi State University 2015/02/07
Strength & Conditioning Internship Montana State University 2014/12/05
Spring S&C Internship North Carolina Central University 2014/12/31
Volunteer Strength & Conditioning Intern Northwestern University 2014/12/15
South Dakota State 2015 Spring Internship South Dakota State 2014/12/09
Spring 2015 Volunteer Internship Southern University 2014/12/15
Ohio State Football S&C Intern Spring 2015 The Ohio State Universtiy 2015/01/01
Winter/Spring 2015 S&C Internship Tulane University 2014/12/15
Athletic Performance Intern UCLA 2014/11/30
Athletic Strength and Conditioning Volunteer Internship University of Connecticut 2014/12/01
Volunteer Intern University of Detroit Mercy 2014/12/01
Strength & Conditioning Internship University of Illinois 2014/12/31
High Performance Internship University of Kentucky 2014/12/15
Spring Strength & Conditioning Intern University of Maryland 2014/12/05
Spring Intern University of Massachusetts 2015/01/14
Volunteer Intern University of Missouri 2014/12/01
University of North Carolina Olympic Sports Internship University of North Carolina 2014/12/26
Spring 2015 Athletic Performance Internship University of Tulsa 2014/12/22
Volunteer Intern University of Washington 2014/12/15
Strength & Conditioning Internship University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2014/12/15
Spring 2015 Volunteer Intern University of Wyoming 2014/12/15