Practical Examination

Important Note for SCCC Candidates: As you prepare to sit for the Practical Portion of the SCCC Certification Exam, it is strongly suggested that you study and review the Proper Exercise Technique videos found on the CSCCa website, as this is the standard by which you will be evaluated.

  • Prior to sitting for the SCCC Certification Examination, all SCCC candidates will be required to design and submit a training program for one week's worth of training for a particular sport. They will be required to include all aspects of the training as if they were in control of the program, keeping in mind that the training is taking place during the early off-season. The program should be written as if they were handing it to their athletes. It should be written in the sequence they want the training performed, and should be limited to two pages. (Information regarding this requirement will be sent out to all SCCC candidates approximately two months prior to the exam.)
  • The practical portion of the examination will be a hands-on demonstration of a variety of strength and conditioning skills and techniques, as well as an oral examination, including questions relevant to the strength and conditioning field, before a panel of Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Individuals will also be required to explain and defend the Strength and Conditioning Program they have designed. Candidates must receive a passing score at both stations in order to pass this portion of the Certification Examination. For more information regarding the composition and content of the practical portion of the SCCC Certification Examination, please review the SCCC Certification Handbook.

    NOTE: Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches who are eligible to be on the panel for the practical portion of the examination will be restricted from evaluating one of their own interns or practicum students.
  • This portion of the certification examination has been developed by the Practical Examination Committee, a group of Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches.
  • For candidates applying on or before March 2, 2015: Candidates having 12 years or more of previous full-time strength and conditioning coaching experience on the collegiate or professional level are not required to take the practical portion of the certification examination, nor are they required to fulfill the practicum/internship requirement.
  • For candidates applying after March 2, 2015: All candidates must take and pass both the written and practical exam. No exceptions will be granted.

Download a copy of the SCCC Certification Handbook