Health & Safety CEU Study Materials:

The health and safety of the athlete continues to be the top priority for strength and conditioning coaches. Over the past two decades there have been a number of deaths and injuries that have occurred during strength and conditioning training sessions. The CSCCa is working to educate its member coaches regarding important health concerns that are related to exertion. While many of the areas covered are primarily handled by the sports medicine staff, it is extremely important that strength and conditioning coaches have a basic, working knowledge of these conditions.

Consequently, the CSCCa has implemented a new health and safety CEU requirement, which is now in effect, to ensure that strength and conditioning coaches are educated regarding important health and safety issues related to strength and conditioning programming and implementation. Every SCCC certificant will be required to pass a 35-question multiple choice quiz with a minimum score of 80% (28 out of 35) once each 3-year CEU cycle.

Upon obtaining a passing score on the quiz, 3 CEUs will automatically be applied to the individual’s account, and the health and safety requirement will be marked as fulfilled for the current CEU cycle for all SCCC certificants. All CSCCa member coaches — whether or not they are SCCC certified, are encouraged to complete the quiz and to review all study materials as explained below.

In order to prepare for the quiz, links to a variety of health and safety-related articles are provided on the CSCCa website in addition to a summation article which highlights the key points of the articles. The summation article covers the following areas:

  • Concussion
  • Exertional Rhabdomyolysis
  • Exertional Heat Illness
  • Respiratory Illness
  • Cardiovascular Illness
  • Sickle Cell Trait
  • Emergency Action Plans (EAP)
  • The CSCCa/NSCA Joint Consensus

Health and Safety Summation Article PDF Download

All strength and conditioning staffs are encouraged to study these health and safety resources and to use them as part of their staff’s professional development, but enough information is provided in the summation article to pass the quiz.

Additional Study Resources:

Free or Clickable Links/PDFs

Restricted Access - Purchase or Permission Required

If you are interested in obtaining the PDF (e-file) of any of the articles below, your university may be able to provide free access. The specific search engine SPORTdiscus, through the library’s EBSCOHost database, provides full-text access that can be downloaded to students and staff of your university. If your university has a subscription to the journal or site the article is posted on, you will be able to download immediately. However, there may be a need to request the article through your university’s library. The article is typically emailed to you or provided through a university employee account. Additionally, interlibrary loans for articles, books, or journals are also available upon request. Each university may have different processes. Contact your library for assistance.