2016 National Conference

Al Miller

Legend in the Field

Presentation Summary:

The attendee will be presented an Undulating Periodization Program Design that has been adapted from a system of Soviet National Weightlifting Periodization as taught to the presenters by a former Soviet National Weightlifting Team coach. This system has been adapted for both the team and individual training setting. Included in this presentation will be a “Hierarchy of Athletic Development”, as well the “system” of periodization that has been utilized by NFL Super Bowl Champions as well as other Professional team and Collegiate Conference Champions. Included in this undulating periodization program design will be the application of a system of “check and balances” for appropriately prescribed exercise volumes and intensity resulting in optimal athletic performance while avoiding overtraining and potential injury.


One of the few coaches that started their career in Junior High School, coached in high school, small college (all unpaid positions for being the strength coach), major college and onto the NFL for 23 years. During those 23 years, I participated in 6 AFC and NFC championship games, and 4 Super Bowls. Was elected to the Golden Anniversary football team of my university, and inducted into the ULM Hall of Fame in 1992. Received the NFL President's Award in 1993. Awarded the 1998 NFL Strength Coaches Emrich-Riecke-Jones Award. In 2004 won the NFL Strength Coach of the Year Award. In 2005 was inducted into the USA Strength and Conditioning Hall of Fame, and in 2007 was in the inaugural class of "Legends in The Field of Strength and Conditioning". In 2015 was awarded the NFL Lifetime Achievement Award.