2016 National Conference

Jack Singer

Leadership/Motivational Speaker

Presentation Summary:

"7 Actionable Skills to Quickly Develop the Mindset of a Champion"

Dr. Jack Singer comes to us with 33 years of experience as a Professional Sport Psychologist, working with collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes. As the role of the strength & conditioning coach expands and they become the trusted, go to resource for young athletes, the strength & conditioning coach must have a firm game plan to personally overcome every obstacle that goes with the position. Dr. Jack will teach our attendees the skills necessary for consistent S.U.C.C.E.S.S, both in sports and in life. Once armed with these skills, the coaches will be able to teach them to their athletes, so the goal of this sessions is to "Train the Trainers," and pass on these critical skills to your athletes.


Dr. Jack Singer received his doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a post-doctorate in Clinical/Sport Psychology and he has been awarded Diplomate status from the American Academy of Behavioral Medicine and the Sport Psychology Division of the National Institute of Sports Professionals. He has taught in the Psychology Departments of seven universities, including an assistant professorship at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Dr. Jack writes articles for and is on the Board of Championship Performance. He is also the author of four books (including The Teacher?s Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide,) and more than 170 articles in sports, psychological, business and finance journals and periodicals.

Jack is seen and heard frequently on Fox Sports, ESPN, CNN and Fox News, as he now also teaches CEO?s, entrepreneurs, financial professionals, legal and medical professionals the secrets for developing the mindset of a champion.

As a Practicing Sport Psychologist, Dr. Jack consults with elite athletes all over the world in every sport, and he has been privileged to consult with several Olympic and World Champion athletes, along with professional, college and elite junior athletes. Dr. Jack's passion is to help each person he works with to unleash their true potential, consistently, by casting off the psychological ?handcuffs? that have prevented them from performing their best, when it matters the most.

Strap on your seatbelts and get ready for a fun ride as you learn 7 Actionable Skills to Quickly Develop the Mindset of a Champion.