2016 National Conference

Dr. J. Brent Feland

Associate Professor Exercise Science at Brigham Young University

Presentation Summary:

Understanding The Shoulder: The Mechanics of Shoulder Movement and Mechanisms for Labral Tears The presentation will focus on a understanding of the anatomy and general function of the shoulder joint. The anatomy and mechanics of the rotator cuff will be reviewed as well as an in depth look at the joint capsule, ligament structures, labrum and associated muscles that affect positioning of the humeral head during shoulder movement. Current research and findings that are related to the Labrum and labral tears will be presented. The goal is to help the audience understand the mechanics of the shoulder that are reported to lead to labral tears, particularly in throwers or overhead athletes.


Dr. Brent Feland, MSPT, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Exercise Science Department at Brigham Young University where he teaches advanced functional anatomy, pathomechanics, orthopedic impairments, and functional neuroanatomy. Dr. Feland has been a licensed Physical Therapist for 20 years with a specialty interest in orthopedics with a focus on treatment of the shoulder and the sacroiliac joint.

Dr. Feland's research interests and professional publications in peer-reviewed journals include stretching & flexibility, aging activity and balance, and neuromechanics of whole-body-vibration training. He is also a regular article reviewer for the Journal of Athletic Training, Journal of Sport Rehabilitation and The International Journal of Sports medicine. He is a member of the CSCCa scientific board and is also involved with the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Physical Therapy Association.