2016 National Conference

Zach Dechant

Texas Christian University Senior Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning

Presentation Summary:

Unique Demands for Baseball and Softball Athletes

Rotational athletes, namely baseball and softball, have unique demands due to the one sided, as well as rotational nature when compared to other team sports. This presentation will cover various aspects of mobilization, strength, stability, and injury preventative measures for the primary areas involved in rotational athletes.

The first topic will include the shoulder and problems associated with throwing athletes. Included will be the pecs effect on the glenohumeral joint and progressive ideas on scapular control. Working down the trunk, the thoracic spine’s importance cannot be understated in injury prevention as well as the need for training and creating rotation along with proper extension. The last topic included will be the hips and the need to specifically create and train for motion in the transverse plane. Training these primary areas properly are of great importance for the baseball and softball athlete and this presentation will provide the strength and conditioning professional ready to implement ideas for further developing rotational athletes.


As an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at TCU, Zach oversees the development of Baseball, as well as assists with Football. Coach Dechant’s previous experience has included time at the University of Wyoming, two seasons with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, two years at Missouri State University, as well as time spent with the University of Washington as an intern. For the past 8 years, during the baseball off-season, Coach Dechant trains a group of up to 25 MLB and MiLB players. Zach graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness from Missouri State University in 2003. He is certified through the CSCCa, NSCA, and the USAW.

Coaching Experience: