2018 National Conference

Andy Gillham

A Guide to Improving Athlete Intrinsic Motivation

A Guide to Improving Athlete Intrinsic Motivation Self-Determination Theory provides a framework that can be used to improve intrinsic motivation. Utilizing the three components (competence, autonomy, relatedness) throughout your coaching practices will help teach athletes to be more internally motivated which will allow coaches to focus less on prompting more effort from the athletes.

Andy Gillham owns and operates Ludus Consulting LLC (www.ludusconsulting.biz) focusing on performance enhancement for his clients. More specifically, Dr. Gillham works primarily with coaches and athletic administrators on improving systematic coach evaluation and providing targeted coach and program professional development opportunities. His Ph.D. is in Education with a major of sport and exercise psychology from the University of Idaho and has a B.S. in Fitness and a M.S. in Human Performance from University Wisconsin-LaCrosse. He has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association since 2003 and is a certified consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Dr. Gillham has helped athletes, coaches, administrators and business executives in Canada and the United States improve their performance. Dr. Gillham works across competitive levels ranging from youth through professional levels for both coaches and athletes. In addition to his applied work, Dr. Gillham has published 30 articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. He is also an Editorial Board member for two international coaching journals: International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching and International Sport Coaching Journal where he also serves as Associate Editor.