2018 National Conference

Anna Swisher

How, When, and Why to Implement Popular Training Methods for Sport Performance

This presentation will help coaches better understand when and why to apply tools such as Olympic lifting complexes, occlusion training, eccentric-overloaded lifts, and training to failure for their athletes. To most effectively deploy these tools, it is important for coaches to understand the science behind them and who can benefit from them. After detailing the latest information on each training tool, this presentation will make recommendations about their implementation.

PhD, CSCS, USATF-2, USAW-2, ISAK-2, Eleiko Strength Coach L2 Anna currently serves as the Director of Education and Performance at Eleiko Sport. She is a co-creator of the Eleiko Strength Coach L1 and L2 courses, which she teaches internationally. Anna has extensive experience as a professor, competitive weightlifter, strength and conditioning coach, collegiate track and field coach, research laboratory manager, and sport science consultant. Over her seven years as a track and field coach, she worked with national-level throwers and NCAA All-Americans.

Anna is passionate about education and has held positions at several universities teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in exercise physiology, biomechanics, sport nutrition, strength training, personal training, motor learning, and program design. Her research interests include cluster loading, athlete monitoring, long-term athlete development, and coach education. Anna's combination of intensive education, years as a professor, and practical experience as a coach enables her to see the larger importance of scientific concepts, clearly communicate relevant information to coaches, and help maximize athlete performance. Anna received her BA from Williams College in 2005 and her MA and PhD (Sport Physiology and Performance) from East Tennessee State University in 2009 and 2016.