2019 National Conference

Thomas Rohling

Tubing, Thrower's 10 & Poles: More to Baseball than this

Will cover my 20 yr. odyssey as a baseball strength coach and how that experience has shaped our program at Samford University and why that program is a journey and not a destination. Will cover my failures, epiphanies, and how that shapes our program design. Will cover our various program templates and designs and the rationales behind those.

Thomas Rohling returned to his Alma — mater, Samford University, in 1998 to start the department wide strength and conditioning program. He enters his 21st season at Samford University.

Rohling’s duties include the design, implementation, and supervision of the strength and conditioning programs for baseball, cross country, track and field, men and women’s tennis. Rohling has been the strength coach for 24 conference champions and 1 national title. To date Rohling has coached 32 players who have gone on to be drafted by Major League Baseball.

His first work at Samford was as a graduate assistant football coach from 1990 — 1992 assisting with the defensive line as well as the strength and conditioning program. In addition Rohling also oversaw the strength and conditioning programs for men’s basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and men and women’s tennis.

Rohling was a three — year letterman for the Bulldogs from 1985 — 1987. He earned his B.S. degree. From 1992 till 2005 Rohling ran a successful personal training business while also serving as coordinator of personal training for the local Gold’s Gym affiliates.

Rohling is a strength and conditioning coach certified (S.C.C.C.) and has earned the designation of Master Strength and Conditioning Coach (M.S.C.C.) as issued by the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches’ association. Rohling also holds a C.S.C.S. certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Rohling is married to the former Christine Fullman, a former Samford cheerleader 1989 — 1991 and a 1992 (B.A.) and 1993 (M.Ed.) graduate of Samford University. They have 2 sons, Conner, 19 (a sophomore on the football team at Samford University), Colton 15, and a daughter, Chaney, 9.