2019 National Conference

Michael Naperalsky

Roundtable Discussion on the Cares and Concerns on the Young Strength & Conditioning Coach

As the field of strength and conditioning continues to grow, the inclusion of younger coaches, graduate assistants, and interns supports the next generation of professionals. Competition for experience and full-times jobs is fierce, and young professionals often experience challenges similar to their predecessors: long hours, inconsistent wages, high expectations, and the task of working with others who may not understand the broad-based abilities of the Strength and Conditioning Coach. This roundtable discussion will encourage open sharing, authentic conversation, and solution-oriented ideas to solve problems faced by many coaches. We will also discuss opportunities for professional development and mentorship to foster growth and help create longevity in the field.

Michael Naperalsky serves as an Assistant Director of Olympic Sports Performance at the University of Louisville, where he works to optimize the athletic development and competitive success of student-athletes competing in soccer, rowing, cross country, field hockey, and track & field. Prior to Louisville, he was a Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, where he was a member of the High Performance Sport Science department and Internship Coordinator. In this role, he directed support services for four teams, including strength and conditioning programs, physiology testing, injury reconditioning, and athlete-monitoring strategies. Before joining USSA, Naperalsky was the Assistant Director of Athletic Performance at the University of Montana. Michael earned his master's degree in Health & Human Performance from the University of Montana and a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Ball State University. He is a certified member of the CSCCa, NSCA, USAW, and ACSM. Passionate about the profession of strength and conditioning, Michael has presented at state and national conferences, participated in webinars and clinics for sport coaches, and published in peer-reviewed journals.