2019 National Conference

Anna Craig

Roundtable Discussion on the Cares and Concerns of the Female S&C Coach

In the 2018 CSCCa survey, 24% of strength and conditioning coaches identified as female. 50% of athletes at the high school and college level are female (Title XI). This lower percentage of female coaches roots from a variety of places. In this round table format we will discuss what those causes are and the ways, as both males and females at any level, we can further entry, excellence, and longevity for women in the field of strength and conditioning.


Texas Tech University-B.S. Exercise Sports Science 2009

University of Texas at Austin-M.Ed. Exercise Physiology 2013

Coach Anna Craig has served as an Assistant Athletic Performance Coach at The University of Texas since October of 2011. She came to Texas in 2010 to begin her Masters of Education in Exercise Physiology, Sports Science and Nutrition, and work as a graduate intern with the men’s basketball team, under Todd Wright. In 2011 she was hired as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for football under the tutelage of coaches Bennie Wylie and Jeff "Maddog" Madden. In the summer of 2012 she was named head strength coach for the women’s soccer team, while continuing to assist with football. In 2013 she gained a position solely with the Olympic Sports-Athletic Performance staff, working under Donnie Maib and heading up the training for Soccer, Men's and Women's Diving and Women's Tennis.

Anna is the director of the annual University of Texas Athletic Performance Clinic, in which highly acclaimed speakers are brought in from the around the nation to expand the knowledge and cohesion of the strength and conditioning community.

Anna earned a B.S. at Texas Tech University in Exercise Sports Science with a minor in Education. During this time she worked with the Texas Tech University football team and men’s golf team as a strength and conditioning student coach for 2.5 year under coach Bennie Wylie. She is All-Level Physical Education certified in the state of Texas.

Anna graduated from Liberty High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2005.