2019 National Conference

Steve Rhoads

Hands On:"Competitive Strength & Conditioning Equipment: Challenging Today's Collegiate Athlete"

Building and sustaining a culture of competition, toughness, and success within many college athletic programs is a primary responsibility of today's strength and conditioning coaches. This is a continuous, complex, year round process that encompasses all phases of any athletic team's performance training program. This process also has to be dynamic and adaptable to the evolving generation of collegiate athletes who need to be challenged and motivated utilizing safe methods and specific equipment.

Enter 'The Iron Train II' mobile training apparatus by All American Iron - A multi-user training tool that is utilized to build and promote the strength, conditioning, team work, toughness, and competition within any college athletic team. This transforming training station challenges athletes with dynamic movements such as 1, 2, or 3 person sled pushes, traditional dips, and strength sports events including The Wheelbarrow Carry and the more famous Conan's Wheel.

This presentation will offer an insight into the design, efficiency, and functionality of 'The Iron Train II' training apparatus and a demonstration of how to deploy and stow each individual component. Suggested training evolutions and programming for this apparatus will be offered. The membership will be encouraged to actively participate in groups and experiment with the various facets of this piece of equipment. The main objective is that coaches will have a greater realization for this type of training and equipment and how these factors can help build and maintain a winning culture within the ultra competitive world of college athletics.

Steve is the founder and owner of All American Iron (AAI). Steve was a 4 year letterman in football at defensive end for Northern Illinois University while earning a B.S. degree in Manufacturing Engineering with a minor in Physical Education - Coaching in 1997.

Steve's passion for strength and conditioning coupled with his knowledge and experience in the engineering field drove him to found All American Iron (AAI) in 2009. Headquartered in the Midwest, AAI designs and builds athletic performance equipment for universities, gyms, high schools, and athletic performance centers throughout the nation. AAI specializes in bars, sleds, and competitive strength and conditioning tools with a specific focus on product quality, functionality, and innovation.

Steve is a 20 year veteran of the City of Rockford, Illinois Fire Department having served in the positions of Firefighter, Paramedic, and Driver-Engineer and has been an assistant varsity football coach at Oregon High School, Oregon, IL for 22 years.