MSCC Class of 2014

Joshua Stoner

Director of Speed, Strength, and Conditioning

Josh Stoner is the Director of Football Strength & Conditioning at the University of Missouri. This is his second stint at Mizzou after working as the Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning at Coastal Carolina University for two years. In his first round, Josh spent 8 years at Missouri. He was also an Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning at The University of Tulsa and a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at The University of Southern Mississippi. Josh got his start in the profession at his alma mater, Centenary College of Louisiana, where he was given a generous opportunity by the athletic director to be the Strength and Conditioning Coach for all of the school's athletic teams. Sport and the integration of disciplines that it takes to compete, has long been a personal passion for Josh, and he looks forward to the development and growth of the profession.

During his time as a coach, he has worked with numerous men's and women's sports, including football, track & field, soccer, rowing, tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to work with Conference champions, All-Americans, conference players of the year, and athletes who have played professionally. The part he enjoys the most, however, is seeing the lives these individuals go on to lead after the call of sport is over.

Josh would like to thank some that have been a part of his journey:
-The late Russ Sharp, a thanks for giving a green kid a door to walk through
-A special thanks to Charlie Dudley for the responsibility and latitude to grow
-Josh is especially grateful to Pat Ivey who has been a tremendous colleague and friend.
-To the extensive Athletic Performance family that has grown over the years, he gives a special nod for your passion and innovation
-Finally, it is his family's dedication and care that drives him: his wife, Christin, of 10 years, with her passion for improvement; and his 2 sons, Jarrett and Jackson- his MVP's who are an inspiration to be the best teammate and team leader he can.