2017 Speaker Presentations

Thursday Presentations

"'WINNING'- and What Drives It!" Rob Glass, MSCC, Oklahoma State University

"Rhabdomyolysis: Overview and Prevention Strategies," Ron Courson, ATC, PT, NRAEMT, CSCS, Head Athletic Trainer, University of Georgia

"The Complete Owner's Manual for Team Sports Conditioning," Jason Dierking, MSCC, University of Louisville

"Programming Strategies for Peak Power in the Weightroom," Anna Swisher, Ph.D., Director of Education and Performance at Eleiko Sport

"The Value of the SCCC Certification and Credential," Sandy Abney, MSCC, CSCCa Certification Commission Chair, University of Texas

"The Importance of Evaluations for Professional Development," Andy Gillham, Ph.D., & Michael Doscher, MSCC, Valdosta State University

"Coaching the Clean & Snatch: A Simple 5 Step Approach," Rich Lansky, Owner of The Performance Training Zone and RCL Sports Performance Services

"Teaching and Developing Explosive Acceleration," Jim Kielbaso, Director of Total Performance Training Center

"Programming Strategies for Peak Power in the Weightroom," Anna Swisher, Ph.D., Director of Education and Performance at Eleiko Sport

"Polar Heartrate Technology," Mike Bewley, Clemson University

"Wearable Tech - More Than Measuring Just Player Movement," Jeremy Gentles, PhD, & Christine Coniglio, MA, Armstrong State University

"Elite Form Technology," Don Decker, MSCC, & Zach Witherspoon, SCCC, New Mexico State University

"Plyometric Training: Classification & Organization," Boo Schexnayder, Certified Level I, II, & III and designated Master Coach by USA Track and Field

Friday Presentations

"Building a Winning Culture One Rep at a Time," Al Johnson, MSCC, East Tennessee State University

"Seeing the Invisible: The X Factor of Coaching," Stephen James, MA, LPC-MHSP, NCC, Sage Hill Counseling

"Achieving Through Connectivity," Megan Young, Auburn University

"Finding a Voice: University of Texas Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning," Sandy Abney, MSCC Donnie Maib, MSCC Todd Tuetken, SCCC Anna Craig, SCCC Melissa Schmitz, SCCC Clinton Martin Stephen Whalen, SCCC

"Back Pain: Key Signs, Symptoms, and Exercise Modifications," Brent Feland, Ph.D, Brigham Young University Associate Professor of Exercise Science; SCCC Written Certification Board Member

"Performance Enhancement Training for the Post-Rehabilitated ACL Reconstructed Knee Athlete" Rob Panariello, ATC, Founding Partner & Chief Clinical Officer of Professional Physical Therapy

"Developing An Athlete for the Game of Baseball," Lance Sewell, MSCC, University of Tennessee

"Developing Excellence in your S&C Program on a Budget," Alex Fotioo, SCCC, University of Central Arkansas

"Part II: "Sports Science on a Budget," Doug McKenney, Former NHL Strength and Conditioning Coach

"The 40yd Dash: Bridging the Gap between Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement," Jeff Butler, SCCC, University of Northern Colorado