2017 National Conference

Scheduled speakers

Al Johnson

Building a Winning Culture One Rep at a Time

Alex Fotioo

Developing Excellence in your S&C Prgram on a Budget

Amanda Kimball

Women's Basketball Strength & Conditioning

Andy Gillham

The Importance of Evaluations for Professional Development

Angie Brambly-Moyer


Anna Craig

Finding a Voice

Anna Swisher

Training for Peak Power: Strategies for Power Development in the Weightroom

Boo Schexnayder

Plyometric Training: Classification & Organization

Christine Coniglio

Wearable Tech - More than measuring just player movement

Clint Martin

Finding a Voice

David Bass

Cares and Concerns of the Young Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dennis Keiser

The Value of Self Evaluation

Don Decker

Elite Form Technology

Donnie Maib

Finding a Voice

Doug McKenney

Sports Science on A Budget

Dr. J. Brent Feland

Back Pain: Key Signs, Symptoms, and Exercise Modifications

Dr. Jay Strack

There's Always a Way

Greg Werner

Olympic Sports Roundtable Moderator

Jason Dierking

The Complete Owner's Maual for Team Sports Conditioning

Jeff Butler

The 40yd Dash: Bridging the Gap between Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement

Jeremy Gentles

Wearable Tech - More than measuring just player movement

Jim Kielbaso

Teaching and Developing Explosive Acceleration

John Shackleton

Villanova Men's Basketball S&C Program: 2015-16 NCAA Champions

Katie Fowler

Women's Basketball Strength & Conditioning

Lance Sewell

Developing an Athlete for the Game of Baseball

Leo Totten

Utilizing Overhead Lifts for Strength & Power

Marie Spano

Inflamation & Athletes: A Review of Current Research on Exercise Adaptation, Nutrition and Recovery

Megan Young

Achieving Through Connectivity

Melissa Schmitz

Finding a Voice

Michael Doscher

The Importance of Evaluations for Professional Development

Mike Bewley

Heart Rate Technology & E.S.D. Programming

Richard C. Lansky

Coaching the Clean & Snatch: A Simple 5 Step Approach

Rob Glass

"Winning" - and what drives it!

Rob Panariello

Performance Enhancement Training for the Post-Rehabilitated ACL Reconstructed Knee Athlete

Ron Courson

Rhabomyolysis: Overview and Prevention Strategies

Sandy Abney

The Value of the SCCC Certification and Credential

Stephen James

Seeing the Invisible: The X Factor of Coaching

Stephen Whalen

Finding a Voice

Todd Tuetken

Finding a Voice

Zach Witherspoon

Elite Form Technology